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The simplest Network marketing or MLM CRM App to Manage your Contact / Prospects and More.  

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✅ The best CRM app for MLM which will help you effectively track your prospects or Customers

✅ Create easy to use Contact groups or Categories to manage your prospects pipeline.

✅ A simple way of Tracking Customers and effective direct sales Followup tool without all the unnecessary features.

✅ A unique Prospect manager or Tracker For MLM users with integrated Calendar, Contacts and Reminders.

✅ Free to Download and most importantly you automatically get upgraded to Premium version for 21 days to evaluate

CRM, Simple Protest Manager , Security


✅ The App was designed with one primary goal in mind, provide the simplest interface for users to use this app and not over whelm with features that is not needed.

✅ The Simplest Prospect Manager or Contact Manager for MLM or Network marketers.

✅ The Goal for SPM is to become the most emphatic and effective CRM with a simple direct sales followup system.

CRM, Simple Protest Manager

Features & Updates

✅ Best Contact management App for MLM to create custom categories or groups for your prospects.

✅ Swipe Left to Move or copy the contacts to different Category.

✅ Easily Add notes at your finger tips with the current date stamp.

✅ Swipe left contacts to have multiple Features.

✅ Export your contacts in Excel

✅ After Call features like Reminder, Change categories

CRM, Simple Protest Manager , Security


✅ Your data is never shared with anyone without your consent.  We use the latest GDPR policy to ensure you have the rights to all your data and have full control on it.


Simple Project Manager IOS
Download Simple Project Manager

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Answered Questions

By far the best Network marketing APP I have used, a must for any Network Marketer to organize Contacts.

Piet Van Network Marketer

Love the simplicity of it, but I wish this also had a way to move the categories around or ability to reorder it. And I love the option to flush to contact with a sound! Overall it is one of the simplest CRM for MLM app i have used without all the unnecessary features.

IBO User Network Marketer

Amazing app for MLM users and am loving it, but if you download the newest version of 11.0.3 there seems to be a glitch or a bug because it won’t let you add contacts and goes back to home page. Thank you developers for you help and making this easy to use crm app for mlm!

BrightPlus BrightPlus

People naturally want to be organized by using complex apps they deem “sophisticated”, but a million features make them unusable and are quickly abandoned. I don’t want to spend a lot of my time trying to track and organize everything. This app takes care of what I need, is quick and easy to use, and very effective and is a easy prospect manager CRM.

Mil Recruitor Recruitor

The app seemed to be freezing on me. I sent in an email and I got an immediate response on how to fix the problem. It was a simple fix that the developer helped me to see what I was doing wrong. Works like a charm now. I absolutely love this app for Direct Sales! Amazing tool and I have already recommended it to my team!

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